The Ultimate Youth Meeting Point

Connecta is a brand that was created in 2021 with an objective to connect the world, technology exhibitors targeting GENZ were all in one hall, demonstrating telecom, technology and gaming products to the target segment in a cool innovative way.

Alongside Cairo ICT, Connecta 2022 is a 4-day exhibition, festivity, and award-winning show dedicated to showcasing best-in-class consumer-centered connectivity technologies and devices with unprecedented applications. Connecta will build on and harness Connecta 2021 success and  25 years of time-honored success achieved by Cairo ICT. It will specifically orient on diversified aspects of the industry’s ecosystem and topics concerning manufacturers, importers, distributors, mobile operators, and technology providers.

Connecta will gather major players involved with connectivity—both local and international.

Connecta 2021


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In 2021, a new brand was born..

A brand with an objective of connecting people together..
Connecta’22 combines connected devices, Startup Africa and eSports!
Connects GenZ with brands..
Connecta was innovative enough to bring GenZ trac to the exhibition

In 2022, we are bigger, targeting MEA Gamers & African Startups
And we are doubling the numbers!

Connecta Gaming Festival 2022


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Innovation Arena v.1.0

20 Mature Startups from 20 Different African Countries

Selection is based on the fastest-growing startup in each of the 20 countries

They will showcase

They will share their experience with youth present

They will have private discussions with sponsors & exhibitors

20 Fresh Startups from Egypt

  • Fintech
  • AI & IoT
  • Health & Insurance
  • Sustainability and smart cities


Exhibitor Categories

Financial Enablers

Credit/Debit Card Providers

Mobile Wallet Providers

Home Entertainment Gadgets

Exhibitors will fall into one of the following categories

Gaming Computers and Peripherals

Smart Appliances

Plug and Play Home Automation

Mobile Operators

Mobile Devices

Tablets and Laptops

Wearables and Accessories


Online retailers

Large Retailers

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